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Cellulose Insulation Manufacturers

  • Advanced Fiber Technology -  Advanced Fiber Technology is one of the leading manufacturers of cellulose insulation, with markets spanning across the United States and internationally.
  • Applegate Insulation - For over 50 years the Applegate family has been increasing the comfort of America's families with quality energy-saving products and exceptional service. Applegate is the largest privately-owned cellulose insulation manufacturer, delivering premiere cellulose insulation to homeowners, insulation professionals, builders and architects worldwide.
  • Central Fiber Corporation -  Central Fiber Corporation™ is an environmentally based manufacturer of cellulose insulation made primarily from post-consumer newsprint and virgin hardwood chips.
  • Champion Insulation, Inc. -  Since 1977, Champion Insulation, Inc. has manufactured the highest-quality cellulose fiber insulation available. Although not the largest manufacturer of cellulose fiber insulation, Champion Insulation has upheld the highest standards of quality, customer service and ethics.
  • Comfort-Zone Cellulose Insulation -  Comfort-Zone Cellulose Insulation is a low dust product from the Mason City Recycling Center.
  • Fiberlite Technologies -  Fiberlite Technologies cellulose insulation products are manufactured with 100% recycled paper; contain a permanent fire retardant plus many value added features. They offer a wide range of products for residential and commercial applications.
  • Hamilton Manufacturing, Inc. -  Hamilton Manufacturing Inc. produces quality cellulose insulation and hydro seeding products, which help to protect the environment and those who live in it. They reuse millions of pounds of newspaper and cardboard every year to produce green building and erosion control products that contribute to a sustainable future.
  • International Cellulose Corp. -  International Cellulose Corporation (ICC) is the world’s leading developer and manufacturer of cellulose spray-applied thermal insulation and acoustical finishes. ICC has developed such high performance cellulose products such as K-13â, SonaSpray “fc”â and Celbarâ.
  • Modern Insulation -  Modern Insulation is a manufacturer of cellulose insulation. When you choose cellulose from Modern Insulation, you help solve the waste disposal problem and help fight air pollution.
  • Mountain Fiber Insulation -  Mountain Fiber Insulation Inc. manufactures cellulose insulation for new construction of homes and commercial properties. Their family business has been making quality insulation from recycled paper since 1977.
  • Service Partners, LLC -  Service Partners, LLC, headquartered outside of Richmond, Virginia, is the largest distributor of residential fiberglass insulation and related contractor accessories in North America.
  • Tascon, Inc. -  Tascon Industries manufactures environmentally safe products made from recycled paper. One of the largest recyclers in the Southwest, Tascon annually converts over 26 million pounds of recycled paper into marketable products from home insulation to landscape mulch to mosquito repellent granules.
  • Thermo-Kool of Alaska -  Thermo-Kool of Alaska is a full service cellulose manufacturer. All of their cellulose products are made in Alaska. They are also made with 87% to 100% recycled content.

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