Advanced Features Module

Advanced Estimating Software Designed Specifically for Insulation Contractors

Allpro Insulator was designed for all different types of insulation contractors: Foam Insulation Contractors, Cellulose Insulation Contractors, Fiber Glass Insulation Contractors,  Allpro Insulator will fit your needs perfectly.   Not every insulation contractor has the same needs, because of that Allpro Technology developed the Advanced Features Module for Allpro Insulator. 

The Advanced Features Module allows users of Allpro Insulator to get more out of their software and in-turn, save time and resources.  The features that are included in this advanced module were developed to take existing features that work for the main-stream insulation contractor and expand upon them to develop quicker and more efficient ways to complete tasks.

15 Additional Features

    Advanced Features Module

The Advanced Features Module includes 15 advanced features that allow users to get more out of Allpro Insulator on a daily basis.  From multi-day job costing to automatic appointment emailing, the Advanced Features Module has you covered.

    Tiered Pricing Feature

The Tiered Pricing feature that is included in the Advanced Features Module allows users to create very specific pricing structures based on tiers, job types or job locations.  The tiers can be setup to trigger automatically when the Estimate is created or to be manually selected as needed.

Email Reminders and Event Emailing

The Email Drafts feature of Allpro SchedulePro allows users to setup triggered emails any time a job is schedule or re-scheduled.  Email Reminders can also be sent out via the Scheduled Jobs Form for a specific date range.  These features add an entire new level of customer interaction to your business and all while keeping it simple.

Tiered Pricing

Tiered Pricing is a feature that allows users of Allpro Insulator to create pricing controls based on job type, job location or a manual tier type.  The job type and job location triggers can occur automatically, creating extensive automatic pricing controls. 

Tiered Pricing is part of the Advanced Features Module and is one of the many pricing controls built into Allpro Insulator. 

Greater Costing Accuracy

Not every job is simple and although the job costing included in Allpro Insulator does a great job of giving accurate job costing for those jobs, some jobs require a more advanced approach.

    Multiple Location Synchronization

This advanced feature allows you to split the material entries in any given job into multiple days for a more accurate look at job costing over time.

         Create bids at worksite

In conjunction with the multi-day job costing, the splitting of the payroll allows the multiple indiviuals to be paid for the same material over multiple days.

    Create bids at worksite

The Advanced Costing Wizard allows users to take all of the data that is included in the system and entered on a daily basis and view more detailed costing reports that can be filtered/grouped in numerous ways. Giving more control to the user.